Siya's Heaven Hair & Beauty

Siya's Heaven Hair & Beauty
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Siya's Heaven Hair & Beauty is located at 835, Beenleigh Rd, QLD - 4113, Australia.

835, Beenleigh Rd ,RUNCORN , QLD (4113)

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 thinker :
07-Feb-2015 : Incompetent staff caused severe bruising and tearing of skin while waxing. Woman did not know how to wax and did not know to wax against the direction of hair. Wax used was too hot and the woman did not know how to use the machine to make it cooler. I ended up having to wax off towards the end after she had applied the wax to prevent any further bruising.

I informed Siya, the owner of the business, and sent photos of the bruising as text messages. Siya was indifferent to the injury that had been caused by her staff and simply told me that it was up to me if I no longer wished to go to her for waxing.
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