Sydney Sri Ayyappa Swami Center

Swamiye saranam ayyappa !!!

Unit 20, 116-118, McCredie Road, GUILDFORD WEST, NSW (2161)
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The Centre was incorporated in 1999 at Homebush with a hand full of like-minded devotees. At present it has grown to more than 150 members.
Sydney Sri Ayyappa Swami Centre is located at Unit 20, 116-118 McCredie Road, Guilford West, NSW 2161. Temple is open 7 days a week( including Saturday and Sunday) between 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM.
Sydney Sri Ayyappa Swamy Centre has the primary objective of enabling devotees of Lord Ayyappa to worship in a serene and divine atmosphere in Sydney - yes a temple for HIM in Sydney, where all could pray. The objectives of this centre include focus on Hindu cultural activities particularly for our younger generation of Hindus in Australia. It should serve all our Hindu community in Australia by conducting educational courses, cultural programs, invite religious scholars for discourses and take care of those in need of our help. Understandably the centre is a non-profit organisation, functioning purely out of donations by devotees and well- wishers.
Poojas and Bhajans
Poojas and bhajans are conducted everyday. It is a fond hope of all devotees who gather at the temple as well as seeking a wish to soon construct a temple in this site. Neiabhishekhams, Sangaasbhishekham, Lakshaarchanas, Deepa poojas etc are regularly conducted spread round the year. Not to forget the great Manadala kala poojas start around November 17th every year to mark the beginning of the viratha kalam(austere pilgrimage to go the Sabarimala) and complete the same with the MakaraJyothi darsanam around 14th January every year.
The unique characteristic of the Ayyappa worship is the lighting of the 18 holy step lamps in front of the idol. Sponsor family can do this lighting at the end of the bhajans. For details please contact the treasurer or the priest.
Temples are built with the sole purpose of being religious and cultural centres. They exist today for the youth of our culture to give direction and support. Youth need mentors and role models too and that is why we always encourage young people at join in our bhajans. We also encourage all language groups to come forward and sing loud in our bhajans.
There are various ways and means by which you can participate in this noble task:
•  You can join the Centre as a member and contribute a fee or a sum of money forms/receipts are available.
•  You can join the centre and contribute time and effort as a good volunteer, can you?
You can do a special pooja at temple for your child’s birthday or your wedding anniversary and offer prasadam or give annadanam to people who gather that day.
•  You can invite a few of your friends and sponsor a week-end pooja at temple, help available.
•  You can leave your contact details with us so that we can advise you when important events/occasions or developments occur.
Please make yourself convenient to attend the regular pooja sessions and get blessed by Swami Ayyappan.

Sydney Sri Ayyappa Swami Center is located at Unit 20, 116-118, McCredie Road, NSW - 2161, Australia. You can contact this listing via this phone number: 02 - 9681 6896.

116-118, McCredie Road ,GUILDFORD WEST , NSW (2161)

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7 days a week( including Saturday and Sunday) between 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM.
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