Abhinay School of Performing Arts

Abhinay School of Performing Arts

Abhinay means the art of performing in Sanskrit and in its meaning is the essence of Abhinay School of Performing Arts. The school offers a unique platform to aspiring and established performers be it in the form of acting dance or music.

The school is dedicated to promoting Hindi language and Subcontinental art and culture through instructional classes and live performances. Its artistic programs reflect the Indian-Australian connections and strive to expand the Subcontinental cultures expressive range fostering its stylistic evolution in Australia.

Address P O Box 222 Rockdale NSW 2216

552 Princes Highway

Auburn Community Centre
44A Macquirie Road Auburn

Abhinay School of Performing Arts is located at 552, Princes Highway, NSW - 2216, Australia. You can contact this listing via this phone number: (04) 88 200 222 .
 552, Princes Highway ,ROCKDALE , NSW (2216)