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    Benefits of listing in a Business Directory

    Benefits of listing in a Business Directory
    Posted by True India
    Benefits of listing in a Business Directory
    More than 75 percent of people use internet search engines or business search directories to find a business.
    For fast growth, your business mu`st have the ability to stand out from your competitors, and for winning the competition it is advised your business website listing should be placed in a popular Business directory, for easy access to the users.
    Lets look at some of the benefits of listing in Business directories:
    Easy Access
    People resort to Google or other search engines to find information about Businesses. Listing your Business in a popular Business directory, will multiply your chances of reaching the targeted audience. In popular and user-friendly Business directories you can narrow down your search criteria, for eg: per Type, Product, Service, location and distance, to name a few. It is also important to list in Business directories which use fast and keyword-based searching techniques to fetch the right data to the customer.
    Greater Visibility
    It is not always enough to just have a website for your business, and expect it to reach a wide customer base. Being part of Social Media, just helps your business to grow amongst groups and their networks and is limited to it. These can never match a world-wide visibility that the business gets, when listing a Business in an Online Business Directory. 
    Increased Brand Recognition
    Linking your site to Business directories and using your brand in the directory listing creates digital footprint. Ability to add comments, recommendations and Reviews helps better promotion of Brands. Efficient Business listings allow images in listing pages which increases brand recognition.
    Avoid Losing Business to the Competitor
    It would be quite sad to see losing your business to competitor only because you have not listed your business in a good business directory, and your competitor pops up when the customers searched for your business. Listing your business in directories is an inexpensive way to increase your online visibility.
    How to list your business in business directories effectively
    • Ensure that you give consistent information on all business directories.
    • Compile a comprehensive description of your product or service and provide accurate contact details of your company.
    • Searchers will typically use generic ‘keywords’ to search for businesses. Build typical keywords or keyword phrases about your business that you think searchers will use to find you. Use these keywords in your listings’ description and categories. This will help search engines to fetch the data from your site for the user. The more the matching keywords, the more visitors your site is likely to get.
    • Provide photos and opening hours so as to engage customers.
    • Make sure that your pages are updated from time to time and informative.
    • Your links have to be functional and clickable
    This is a very common question that would have come to your mind. Here are the reasons.
    1) Listing Businesses, posting Events & Cinemas, posting Deals, and Classifieds are absolutely free.
    2) We offer you a very pleasing Profile page where you can enter Contact details, images, opening hours, Reviews, MAPs and more.
    3) Our website has a responsive design and has optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer to mobile phones)
    4) Our Pages are Indexed in all major search engines, and this provides more visibility to the business.
    5) Trueindia has a powerful social network that shares your business listing, classifieds and deals to drive more traffic to your site and promote your business faster. 
    6) There are more than 2000 page views per day, and hence it will reach the broader Indian-Australian population quickly. 
    7) As of today, our Alexa Ranking is 300,000 and we are progressing upwards everyday.
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