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    Ariyunda (Rice Laddu with coconut and Jaggery, roasted rice laddu with coconut and jaggery)

    Ariyunda (Rice Laddu with coconut and Jaggery, roasted rice laddu with coconut and jaggery)
    Posted by Sindhu
    Ariyunda (Rice Laddu with coconut and Jaggery, roasted rice laddu with coconut and jaggery)
    Ariyunda is a very popular dish in the northern side of Kerala. It is sweet dish, and takes its place in important family functions. It is a healthy dish amongst sweet items, as Jaggery is used in it, instead of sugar. The dish doesn’t have any oil in it, and is quick and easy to make.
    Rice – 2 cups (boiled rice. There are 2 types of rice, typically, Raw Rice and Boiled Rice. This dish has to be prepared with Boiled Rice)
    Coconut – 1 cup (frozen or freshly grated)
    Jaggery – 5-6 cubes (or ¾ cup of Jaggery Powder)
    Elaichi – 5
    Preparation Method:
    1. Heat a Tawa on high flame, and put the rice in it.
    2. Roast it until it becomes dark brown colour. Keep stirring the rice frequently. Make sure you do this, as rice starts to get burnt, once the tawa is heated for 2-3 mins. This process takes 5-6, to get it right.
    3. Once roasted, switch off the stove, and allow it to cool. We need it to be cooled down enough to put in the mixer, not very cold.
    4. While waiting for rice to cool down, grate the jiggery with a grater or scrape it with knife. We need a powdered form of it. If you are using powder, take ¾ cup. Powder Elaichi with a mortar and pestle, so that it is 70% powdered. It is fine, if it is not finely powdered, since it will be mixed with the coconut, and hence the coarseness wont be obvious.
    5. In the mixer (If Indian mixer, use the big jar, with 2 blades), add coconut first, and then the jiggery and finally the Elaichi. Mix it with a spoon, and then pulse the mixer (or put it in level 1). Remember, the mixture doesn’t have any water in it, hence don’t on the mixer for too long. If you are putting it in level 1, switch it to level 1, keep for 5 seconds, switch off. Keep doing this for 3-4 times. In between, open the mixer, and mix it with the spoon, as the mixture, will have stuck to the sides.
    6. In the small jar (If Indian mixer, the one used for powdering stuff), put the roasted rice, and then grind it till it becomes fine powder.
    7. Add the rice powder to the jiggery-coconut-elaichi mix, and pulse it. Follow the same instructions with the mixer, as given in step 5. Remember to open the jar and mix in between.
    8. Once the mix is done, roll out small balls of the laddu, with the hand.
    9. Yummy, Ariyunda is ready. It can be had anytime, as a snack, and kids would love it. It can be stored in the fridge. It is best if consumed on the same day, as the wetness will remain, and as days pass by, the Laddu starts to get dry.
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