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    Kerala style Kozhukkatta Recipe (Rice dumplings with sweet filling)

    Kerala style Kozhukkatta Recipe (Rice dumplings with sweet filling)
    Posted by Sindhu
    Kerala style Kozhukkatta (Rice dumplings with sweet filling/ Rice dumplings with coconut filling/ Rice dumplings with jaggery filling/ Rice dumplings with jaggery coconut filling)
    This another yummy break fast item. As the name suggests, it is made with rice dough, with jaggery and coconut filling inside. No oil is used in the recipe, and it is steamed, hence healthy. I started making it, as a replacement of Ilayada or Ottada as it is known in some parts of Kerala, due to the non-availability of plaintain leaf (Vazha Ila). Its the same ingredients of Ilayada in a different shape and form. Lets get into the details...
    Rice Flour - 1 cup (I use Appam powder or Pathiri Powder. You can use any fine rice powder)
    Jaggery - 4 cubes (the dark brown variety will be more tasty)
    Water - 2 cups
    Elaichi - 4-5 (powdered)
    Coconut - 1.5 cups (scraped)
    Salt - to taste
    Preparation Method:
    1. Pour 2 cups of water in a vessel, and bring it to boil. Add half tsp salt to it.
    2. Once boiled, take it off the stove, and start adding the rice flour in batches (if you put all the rice flour in one go, it will form a big lump, and will take time to prepare the dough)
    3. Make sure, to stir after each batch of rice flour.
    4. Once all the rice flour is emptied into the vessel, mix it very well, to form a dough. The consistency should be same as the chappathi dough. If you feel the dough is very hard to stir, add a tbsp of hot water and then stir well. Keep doing this, untill you get the right consistency. Now the dough is ready.
    5. Scrape or shave the jaggery cubes and keep it aside. You can shave it with a knife or scrape on a scraper. I normally use knife as that is convenient for me.
    6. To this, add the coconut, and elaichi powder, and mix them well.
    7. Now, make balls (same size as for chapathis) out of the rice dough.
    8. Spread them flat on the palm, and then add a teaspoon of the jaggery-coconut mixture into it.
    9. Now, start closing the rice dough. For this, start by folding the rice dough as a cup used for cup-cake, and then start closing them in the middle, to form a ball.
    10. Once closed, roll the ball with the palm to get a good round or oval shape. Kozhukkatta is ready to be steamed.
    11. Use a Idli Cooker, and place them in it to get it steamed. This doesnt take much time to cook, as the dough is already half-cooked.
    12. After 5-10 minutes, take the cooker off the stove. Immediately, take the dumplings out of the cooker, and allow it to cool. If not taken immediately, the vapour may make the dumpling very soft, and hence it will reduce the taste.
    13. Here you are...Delicious Kozhukatta is ready. This dish is eaten on its own as a breakfast or snack item. Kids also like it, as it is sweet.
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