Melody Movez

Melody Movez

Have we forgotten to live for ourselves with this busy and stressful life???

Check out our newly designed program & routine for you to -
- Release your mental stress,
- Connect your body and soul.
- Achieve your fitness goal.
- Look and feel beautiful.
-Live your life
- Discover the star within you.
So ladies just take the next step.
You could be anywhere in the world just connect and dance with me.
Book a free trial class just for yourself or with your colegue or with a friend!!

For more information contact me at

And KIDS -
- Join me for performances
- After school dance activity
- Holiday program.

Melody Movez is located at Sunnyholt Road, NSW - 2768, Australia.
  Sunnyholt Road ,STANHOPE GARDENS , NSW (2768)
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