The Ayurvedic Wellness Centre

  1, Bondi Road, BONDI JUNCTION, NSW (2022)

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  02 9389 2581

About Us

Ayurvedic Wellness Centre Who We Are

Consultant Dr. Shaun Matthews

Shaun is the founder and the co-ordinator of the Ayurvedic Medicine Department at Nature Care College in Sydney Australia. He is a medical doctor Ayurveda and Yoga therapist who specializes in the treatment of chronic illness using a holistic approach and in the promotion of wellbeing.

Shaun has also trained in somatic or body-orientated psychotherapy which like Ayurveda and Yoga acknowledges the inherent wisdom of the human body-mind. He finds this combination of approaches to be complementary in nature and extremely effective in managing all kinds of chronic disease. He has a special interest in Ayurvedic approaches to rejuvenation as well.

Ayurveda is very helpful in all types of chronic illness and in the promotion of wellbeing in healthy people. Conditions treated include generalised stress lower back pain weight gain migraine headaches insomnia anxiety depression low energy states chronic fatigue syndrome hypertension Crohns disease ulcerative colitis diverticulitis irritable bowel syndrome multiple sclerosis Parkinsons disease musculoskeletal problems food allergies and oesophageal reflux.

Owner Rita Sagrani

Rita is the founder of The Ayurvedic Wellness Centre and started it in mid 2011 after 35 years as the creator director designer and marketing manager of her own successful fashion label throughout Australia New Zealand and South Africa.

The Ayurvedic Wellness Centre is located at 1, Bondi Road, NSW - 2022, Australia. You can contact this listing via this phone number: 02 9389 2581.

Opening Hours

 1, Bondi Road ,BONDI JUNCTION , NSW (2022)
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