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About Us

Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic is here to place Ayurveda as the medicinal science that corrects the human body from the chronic and lifestyle diseases.

PURE HERBAL AYURVED CLINIC which is situated in Wantirna, one of the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic offers safe and reliable Ayurvedic Body Treatments in Knox, Melbourne. With us you can get Ayurvedic Consultation Online as well. Our name figures in the list of the Best Herbalists,Naturopath and Ayurvedic Doctors in Melbourne,Australia.

Both of us, Dr Gurnam Singh Saini and Dr Pooja Saini are efficient, well experienced and fully qualified Ayurvedic clinical practitioners with several success stories behind us. We graduated in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) from Baba Farid University of health Sciences, India. BAMS is a Five and a half year full time campus course including half year of internship training. Since our graduation in 2005 we practiced in India for 2 years and successfully treated over thousand different health conditions, including serious chronic illnesses.

Since coming to Australia in 2007, we have discovered that Chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases, asthma, mental illness, arthritis, obesity and diabetes are leading causes of death and disability in Australia and these are expected to rise over coming decades as prevalence increases.

Although modern medicine in Australia has achieved enormous success in some areas, particularly traumatic injury, acute infections and certain types of cancers but neither the track record of modern medicine is so impressive for treating the chronic diseases nor it is known for its warm, caring, individualized treatment or its ability to prevent disease in the first place, as many times its treats the symptoms of disease only but not the root cause of illness.

By believing Ayurveda can minimise this gap PURE HERBAL AYURVED CLINIC is here to place Ayurveda as the medicinal science that corrects the human body from the chronic and lifestyle diseases and makes it capable to tackle day-to-day infections.

At PURE HERBAL AYURVED CLINIC, we value relationships and offer extended care to customers in terms of counselling in Ayurvedic life style and following up on the progress of treatments. The approach is holistic with the emphasis on helping clients to achieve and maintain long term wellbeing.

Our clinic offers a large range of natural healing modalities, remedies that would be most suited and comforting to our client, addressing any of their spiritual, emotional, psychological or physical needs with the consultancy services of the highest standards ensuring the best natural care. We're up to date with the newest cutting edge technology when it comes to studies for Health and Modern sciences.

We start with a comprehensive diagnosis of the health according to Ayurvedic literature to find out the root cause of the disease. It includes finding out the imbalance of doshas/energies, any blockage of body channels, improper functioning of the tissues, improper functioning of various cleaning or excretory system, determining the strength of digestive fire and immune system. We always take into consideration other individual factors such as age, health state, lifestyle, environment and our clients goals.

After performing the Dosha Diagnosis, body constitution diagnosis, pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis and whole systemic examination then we work out an individualised treatment program with the client. This may include various rejuvenating and detox therapies to strengthen immunity, herbal and nutritional supplements, allergy elimination, changes in diet and life style according to body type or various other natural healing treatments like diseased based yoga therapy or breathing exercises.

Both of us are very passionate about helping our clients to achieve a significantly improved balanced life and find real happiness, contentment and peace. We understand how spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing are all co-dependents and therefore we have developed a wide range of skills and specialized treatment plans that will address any or all of our clients wellness issues.

We will help our clients to sustain the achieved good effects lifelong. For same initial consultation will be provided with a free Welcome Package which include the basic guiding tools to learn how to apply the ancient yet practical knowledge of Ayurveda into the life. Furthermore, we will make sure our client understand what they are doing and why.

Ayurveda is the oldest medicine on the planet and is known to be the root of all medicine. Ayurveda heals the body, mind and spirit as a whole and once in balance one will begin to experience life as an effortless and harmonious journey.

Our philosophy of life is Old is Gold. Go back to our ancient roots of Ayurvedic Medicine the practice of holistic system of medicine and healing from India. It is the Science of Life. Animals and plants live in harmony with nature and utilize the Laws of Nature to create health and balance within their life we too, must follow this very simple system. Sustain your health by using the inherent principles of nature to bring yourself back into equilibrium with your true self.

Pure Herbal Ayurved Clinic is located at 1, 25, St Davids Dr, VIC - 3152, Australia. You can contact this listing via this phone number: 1300786181.

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 25, St Davids Dr ,WANTIRNA , VIC (3152)
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