MGI Consultancy

  Blacktown road, PROSPECT, NSW (2148)

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About Us

MGI Consultancy specializes in sales training and sales development. We build strategic partnerships with businesses by offering comprehensive sales plan complimented with success proven sales training. During sales training sydney your team will master the techniques to build rapport with in seconds, develop efficient and effective phrasing techniques to deduce relevant information regarding product or service. Our experts will coach your team on 100 percent proven objection handling techniques, by the end of sales training sydney your team will be expert in using agreement frame, meta model patterns and context reframes. Your team will learn the most powerful tool in communication that of elciting buying strategy of your customer and will lead your customer through their own buying strategy leading to a certain increase in conversion. 

MGI Consultancy is located at Blacktown road, NSW - 2148, Australia.

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  Blacktown road ,PROSPECT , NSW (2148)
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