Sebel Surry Hills

  Booth Street, ANNANDALE, NSW (2038)

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About Us

Sebel Surry Hills has a social golf club which meets every month at the bar.
Usually to a venue on the south coast, ensures a full calendar of golf for any
enthusiast. The Club is administrated by a board of Australian individuals to
create a welcoming space for all people and their events. The Sebel Surry
Hills is an Australian social club in Surry Hills that has a reputation for
hosting independent and unique experiences. It attracts artists, entrepreneurs
and pub-goers both locally and internationally. During the spring/summer period
we also offer music on Sunday afternoons. For more info visit our website @

Sebel Surry Hills is located at Booth Street, NSW - 2038, Australia.

Opening Hours

  Booth Street ,ANNANDALE , NSW (2038)
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