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  3A, Gray Shopping Centre, GRAY, NT (0830), Amazing Furniture Rentals

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About Us

Amazing Rentals was first established in 2007 to provide furniture rentals in Darwin, NT. By 2013 we had expanded into 3 locations servicing customers throughout Queensland and Northern Territory. To get the furniture and appliances that you need, you do not necessarily have to buy all of them. What if you only need to use these things for a short period of time? Instead of spending money, you may opt to rent furniture or rent appliances. Few people would know that going for furniture rental offers various benefits especially if you need furniture or white goods for only 2 years or less. Your choice will just depend on your budget, needs and other preference. And with the benefits of renting furniture, many would prefer this option. In fact, even offices rent certain furniture.

Amazing Rentals is located at 3A, Gray Shopping Centre, NT - 0830, Australia. You can contact this listing via this phone number: 0889312516.

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  Gray Shopping Centre ,GRAY , NT (0830)
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