BALAR MALAR - Newcastle

  59, Wansbeck Valley Rd, CARDIFF, NSW (2285), Cardiff North Public School

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About Us

Balar Malar Tamil School is the pioneer Tamil school in Australia. Started in 1977, as week-end sessions organized by language-enthusiasts, it has now grown into 6 branches spread throughout NSW and Newcastle Branch is one among them.
Balar Malar Tamil School operates under the auspices of New South Wales Federation of Community Language Schools (NSWFCLS) and is also a member of New South Wales Federation of Tamil Language Schools (NSWFTS).

BALAR MALAR - Newcastle is located at 59, Wansbeck Valley Rd, NSW - 2285, Australia.

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 59, Wansbeck Valley Rd ,CARDIFF , NSW (2285)
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