Bosozoku - Burgers South Yarra

  34A, Bray St, SOUTH YARRA, VIC (3141)

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About Us

we’ve our own particular special formulas to hand-make delicious burgers
starting with no outside help. Handmade and hand influenced sauces, to handmade
pickles, day by day hand-made crisp heated buns, actually, we create by
ourselves everything - starting with no outside help. Yet, the majority of that
our food production would mean next to no without utilizing produce of the most
astounding quality. So we guarantee we generally utilize the freshest create,
of the most elevated quality. We provide best delicious Burgers South Yarra.

To order one call us now on 03 9827 1864 or visit our website

Bosozoku - Burgers South Yarra is located at 34A, Bray St, VIC - 3141, Australia.

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 34A, Bray St ,SOUTH YARRA , VIC (3141)
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