Hare Krishna (ISKCON) New Gokula Farm

  83, Lewis Lane, MILLFIELD, NSW (2325)

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  (02) 4998 1800

About Us

New Gokula Farm is a 500 acre property in the Hunter Valley Australia. The project was founded in 1988 when a small but dedicated team of devotees purchased the land with the goal of establishing a self-sufficient Hare Krishna community. In 1990 a spacious rammed earth building was completed which serves as the present temple of Sri Sri Radha Gokulananda.

The focus here at New Gokula is to see to the welfare of our 60 cows and bulls whilst establishing sustainable farming practices the Vedic formula for meeting all economic needs. By protecting the cows and bulls for their natural life New Gokula has become one of the few establishments worldwide that are able to offer ahimsa (cruelty free) dairy produce to the community.

Now in 2011 the farm community consists of around 20 committed members involved in temple services holding spiritual festivals and retreats as well as maintaing the farm as well as tending vegetable and flower gardens. We are also working with the Catholic Diocese by providing facility for African refugees to practice their traditional agrarian lifestyle.

Come and grow with us as we work towards a greener more God conscious world !

Hare Krishna (ISKCON) New Gokula Farm is located at 83, Lewis Lane, NSW - 2325, Australia. You can contact this listing via this phone number: (02) 4998 1800.

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 83, Lewis Lane ,MILLFIELD , NSW (2325)
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