Yoga Convention 2019 Melbourne
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Yoga Convention 2019 Melbourne

Event Details

When - 30-Nov-2019 to 01-Dec-2019 Where - Westgate Indoor Sports Cnr Grieve Pde And Dohertys Rd

Learn Yoga with world famous Swami Ramdev Ji

Event Details

When – 30th November & 1st December 2019

Where – Westgate Indoor Sports, Cnr Grieve Pde And Dohertys Rd, Altona North, VIC 3025

Timings - 07:00 AM to 05:00 PM BOTH DAYS

Onsite Childcare @ $5 per child from 10 AM to 4 PM.

About Event

Our main purpose and focus for the event is to create awareness and promote health, prosperity and peace. Yoga is a perfect exercise for health, well-being, and making a lifestyle choice. Yoga is for Physical, mental and spiritual health. All that topics will include Ayurved and Ashtang Yog.

We hope this event will give everyone the opportunity to practice yoga and learn how to focus and create harmony and peace in our lives.

Premier Tickets is proud to be the online ticketing partner for Baba Ramdev’s Yoga Convention 2019. Swami Ramdev will be imparting Yoga sessions to live audience in Melbourne at the Westgate Indoor Sports.

Come, experience the magic and rejuvenate yourself with Yoga!

An Introduction to Yoga

Breathing exercises

Warm up exercises

Yoga movements, postures & stretches

Relaxation exercises

Baba Ramdev’s Yoga consists of a set of various breathing exercises (PRANAYAMA) along with a set of simple yoga postures (ASANAS) that can help practitioners achieve healthy body as well as controlling diverse ailments in the body.

Pranayamas are a collection of breathing exercises that concentrate on increasing oxygen level in the blood and improving oxygen flow to all body parts. This in turn positively impacts the overall health of the individual.

Pranayama includes the following:

Kapalbhati Pranayama: Cleansing Breathing

AnulomVilom Pranayama: Alternate Nostril Breathing

Udgeeth Pranayama: Chanting Breath

Bahya Pranayama: External Breath

Bhramari Pranayama: Bee Breath

Bhastrika Pranayama: Bellow’s Breath

All these when practiced regularly are known to improve overall health of an individual. Baba Ramdev’s Pranayama exercises are very simple to perform and each of these require barely 8- 10 minutes.


Baba Ramdev’s Meditation or Dhyan Yog helps you connect to your core. We humans are never at peace with ourselves in this fast-paced world and our reckless lifestyle is causing immense harm to our health.

Swami Ramdev-ji explains various meditation techniques and explains ways to lead our life in a way that offers complete peace & relaxation.


Baba Ramdev also imparts lecture on good eating and sleeping habits, weight loss and control, prevention and control of various chronic life style diseases as blood pressure, diabetes , thyroid and more.


Suitable clothing is advised; Women are advised to wear white/yellow/pink salwar-kameez or gym wear and Men are requested to wear kurta pyjamas or loose gym wear/jogging wear.

Bring own Yoga mats and seating cushions

All participants will be required to display passes to gain entry into the workshops.

Children under the age of 10 are allowed under parental guidance and supervision and at the parents’ own risk and responsibility.

Participants are advised to come in the morning after completing the morning ablutions and on an empty stomach for maximum results.

Event Highlights

Kids Under 10 years FREE ENTRY

Complete Family Event

Free Parking available on site

Wheel-chair and elderly/pregnant friendly access

Food Stalls will be available for purchase

Ayurveda which will be covered in ethnic event.

Program will deliver in English with English translation where necessary

Event Terms and Conditions

Please bring the print out of ticket confirmation with you.

Bring own Yoga mats and seating cushions

Tickets are non-refundable

Mobile Phones to be left on silent mode

Alcohol & Smoke-Free event

Entry to the event is reserved as per Promoters’ Discretion

Timings /dates/venue of the show are subject to change as per promoters discretion due to any unforeseen circumstances

Event Disclaimer

The Organizers & Instructors (‘O&l’) which expression shall include all related entities, employees. agents, affiliates, volunteers associated with them expressly state that in general Yoga is safe and beneficial but like any other health program it needs to be practiced judiciously, correctly and cautiously. No citing by O&l at the Yoga Workshop to any health-related/medical/other information is intended to be a substitute for professional judgment of a qualified health-care provider. The O&l are not subject or liable to change the structure of the Yoga Workshop to suit individual needs.

Not all presentations at the Yoga Workshop may be suitable for everyone. If pain is experienced anytime during the practice of Yoga, it should be stopped immediately and a qualified health care professional should be consulted. The 0&I assume no responsibility and will not be liable for any harm, injury or damage resulting from any tort, negligence or from a breach of an express or implied warranty however caused or occurring during or after participation in the Yoga Workshop or while practicing anything presented therein.

By participating in the Yoga Workshop the participant, for himself/herself, his/her heirs, and assigns, hereby expressly assumes all risks, full responsibility and liability for participating and practicing anything presented therein and forever waives and releases and agrees to defend, indemnify and hold the O&l harmless from and against any and all claims or demands, liabilities and settlements (including without limitation, legal and accounting fees) on or against the O&l for losses or damages, including, without limitation, direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or special damages, personal injury/wrongful death, resulting from or alleged to result from participating in or practicing anything that is presented in the Yoga Workshop. The 0&l, at their sole own discretion reserve the right to deny participation at any time of the Yoga Workshop to any entity without assigning any re
Organized By : Victoria Arya SamajWebsite :

Cnr Grieve Pde And Dohertys Rd

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